Planning Process

Our tried-and-tested planning process can help you identify the areas where you can improve your financial arrangements and plan for the future.

Whether you are looking for financial planning services or investment services (or both) the process is broadly the same.

"It's not what you do it's the way that you do it..."

— (That's what gets results)

This may look like a lengthy process, in practice it isn’t; each step follows quickly and logically from the last and most clients find the experience painless... and quite enlightening!

The time involved is also highly dependent on the complexity of your circumstances and requirements, and the process can be tailored to fit your requirements without wasting time on areas you have no interest in.

  • Introduction

    We always start with an initial meeting for you to meet us, for us to explain our services in some detail, how they may help you and the potential cost.

    Depending on your circumstances and preferences this could be held in one of our offices or you own home or place of work.

    This meeting is without charge or obligation.

    By the end of this stage you should be in a position to decide whether or not you wish to engage our services. If you do, we continue to next steps. If you don't, we would hope that you found our meeting useful and you would consider using us in future!

  • Discovery

    Assuming you wish to engage AWA, the next step is to discuss your circumstances and financial planning objectives in detail.

    If you are looking for investment advice we will naturally discuss at length your attitude to risk.

    We will review existing financial documentation and, with your permission, obtain information on your behalf from any financial institutions you already have relationships with.

    This part of the process is sometimes referred to as the 'discovery' stage

  • Analysis & Planning

    Once we have an accurate picture from the discovery stage we will be in a position to conduct analysis and look at your planning options in the areas you have expressed interest in.

  • Recommendation

    We now arrive at the recommendation stage. At this stage you might still call them 'draft recommendations' as we like to present these to you and then discuss whether they appear to meet your requirements, and if necessary we can then amend or modify them in the light of your feedback. Once we have an agreed set of recommendations we can make an action plan to implement them.

  • Implementation

    Planning on its own is worthless without implementation. At the implementation stage we will complete the agreed actions, whether these be generic or technical tasks or the establishment of new plans or investments as agreed.

    Our recommendations will always be fully documented with formal reports, letters or e-mail as appropriate to give you a permanent record of our advice.

  • Reviews

    In a sense stage 6 is optional, this being to schedule and conduct annual reviews. If our service to you has been of a 'one-off nature' this may not be required.

    Where we provide detailed financial plans or establish investments we find most clients would like to have an annual review to ensure that plans stay 'on-track'. We certainly recommend this as being the best way to ensure your plans work, and can be amended to suit changing cirumstances.

    Where an ongoing service is required we will schedule an appropriate timetable based on your requirements.